“Customization” Has Become A new Trend

“Customization” Has Become A new Trend

The skin is like a fingerprint. Different skin problems require different skin care products. As people's demands for skin care are getting higher and higher, traditional skin care products can no longer fully satisfy the skin types that vary from person to person. At present, the skin care products on the market are basically mass-produced, so for R&D and brands, personalized skin care can increase their own advantages.

According to Mintel's 2018 World Beauty Industry Trends report, the beauty industry will have to address consumers' individual needs in the future. Therefore, personalized and customized skin care is also a real and rigid demand. Judging from market feedback and demand, customizing skin according to individual skin problems may become a new trend. In the future, the private customization market for skin care products may become the next battleground for the skin care industry to seize the market.

European consumer goods giant Unilever (Unilever) conducted a strategic assessment of its beauty and personal care brands, and believed that the skin care industry's understanding of skin needs is too narrow, ignoring the relationship between skin and health, lifestyle and environment, so it launched Skinsei, a direct-to-consumer, personalized, health-inspired skincare brand. By filling out the questionnaire on the official website, the content of the questionnaire mainly includes living habits. With these questions, you can get a general idea of the state of your skin. After filling in, the website will customize a personalized skin care solution for the customer based on the answer. On the homepage of the official website, Skinsei can see that the brand emphasizes meeting individual needs.

Customization Has Become A new Trend1

Kao launched customized skin care products based on genetic information in 2019. Through the genetic information in RNA, it can detect aging conditions such as wrinkles of customers, and can also predict the risk of skin diseases. Products for healthy skin. Many skin care enthusiasts who have experienced the famous experience have also achieved the purpose of skin care through skin care "black technology". It is reported that this technology will also be widely promoted in the market this year. As we can see, the trend of private customization is gradually emerging in skin care products. It is not only the competition among big brands, but also a large number of cutting-edge brands will participate in the future. Customized slogan. Looking at the competitive environment of global skin care products, the precise skin care model of "customized skin care" just caters to the needs of women's skin care consumption upgrade, and will undoubtedly be a big demand in the future beauty market. The prospect of private customized skin care is obvious to all, but it is not an easy task. In China, the personalized skin care products customization market is not very mature. It seems that many companies are doing it, and many products have emerged, but in fact the good and the bad are mixed. In the long run, in addition to experience, private customized skin care brands must have ace weapons such as product and service pertinence, price competition, and safety, in order to truly open up the beauty market.

Post time: Jan-11-2023