OEM & ODM Organic Moisturizing Whitening Body Wash Shower Gel

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Revitalizing Shower Gel

Hydrating Body Wash

Acne-Fighting Body Wash

Balancing Shower Gel

Calming Shower Gel

Soothing Body Wash

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How to use

Take a clean loofah or shower puff to foam up the body wash. Make sure to take a generous amount of body wash and distribute it evenly.

Now, focus on covering every part of the body, including the knees, elbows, feet, and back. Instead of rubbing off, move the loofah gently on the body. This will allow the ingredients to enter the skin cells.

Keep the process slow and avoid rushing into the rinsing process. Instead, let the skin soak up the formulation's goodness while gently rubbing the loofah into your skin.

Rinse thoroughly to wash all traces of the product from your skin. Don’t rinse it off too aggressively. Rather, use a soft towel to dry the skin.

After you rinse off, keep your body hydrated by applying a dense layer of moisturizer. Ensure to apply moisturizer on damp skin to prevent seasonal dryness.


1. Helps in hydration:
Body washes are packed with hydrating and moisturising properties. They provide adequate nourishment to the skin which helps in making it soft and supple. It doesn’t let the skin to dry out after the shower.

Using a gentle body wash will encourage the skin to lock in moisture for a longer duration without cleaning it excessively so that you can have nourished and healthy skin.

2. Lathers up nicely:
For all those who love lather experience during the shower, the body wash can be their perfect partner. Unlike other skin cleaning products, body wash provides great lather, so you can relish a relaxing bathing experience. A lather bath can become much more pleasing when it is accompanied by a bath sponge.

3. Body wash promotes better hygiene:
If you have just one bathing soap in your bathroom, then your skin is at huge risk. Sharing a single bar with multiple people can easily spread skin infections, allergies and many other contagious diseases. Also, most of the time, soaps are kept unpacked in bathrooms which can make them the breeding ground of bacteria.

Body washes are nicely packed in bottles and come in liquid form. The portion which is once used by an individual can’t be used by someone else. Both qualities make body washes a more hygienic alternative than others.

4. A little goes a long way:
A few drops of body wash can do the whole cleaning. You don’t need to squeeze the entire bottle in a single go. If more than the required quantity is used, it can make you feel sticky or greasy. As body washes lather up nicely, in little quantity they can undertake entire cleaning.

5. Travel friendly:
Be it your adventurous trip or a family vacation, the body wash can join you everywhere. You don’t need to wrap them, just close the lid and you are ready to go. Also, they come in bottles of different sizes which can be easily carried for travel purposes.

6. Exfoliates the skin:
Your skin needs exfoliation to enhance its glow. Cleansing agents in body wash have certain synthetic or natural ingredients which help in skin exfoliation.

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