OEM & ODM Organic Whitening Moisturizing Hand Repair Anti-Aging Hand Cream

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Advanced Repair Hand Cream

Gel Hand Cream

Dry Skin Relief Hand Cream

Hand Cream With Vitamin E

Shea Butter Hand Cream

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Just like you apply a lotion or moisturiser, similarly, just squeeze some hand cream on the back of your hand and rub the back of your other hand against it. The top of your hand is the one area that dries up faster as the skin there is thin and has no oil glands. Also, the harsh UV rays take a toll on the skin on top of your hands as compared to the palms. Therefore, make sure you don’t overlook this area.


1.Keeps your hands clean.
Our naked eyes might not be able to see it, but germs (through the air) begin to build up right after drying our soaped hands. Applying hand cream is actually hygienic. It contains antibacterial chemicals that keep airborne germs from invading your skin.

2.Gives your skin a pleasant, natural fragrance.
One of the biggest perks to using hand cream is, of course, the scent. Choosing a personalized scent that suits your personal style can add the most subtle hint of pizzazz to your day and those you come into contact with.

3.Makes skin smoother.
While the lactic acid and urea element present in most hand creams treats dryness, they also flatten the microscopic cracks that make the skin rough and sensitive. This helps for both the short and long-term care of your skins health and vitality.

4.Makes skin softer.
Ever wondered why beauty salons use hand cream before performing a manicure? Hand creams have moisturizing elements that soften the skin, cuticles, and nails.

5.Makes your skin younger.
Hand creams with anti-aging components like Keratin improve the skin’s elasticity and moisture balance. These also impede the escalation of wrinkle formation, which is important in the skin’s transformation into its younger, original state.

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